Albertus Schoeman

I’ve worked on projects with organizations including the Brookings Institute, INTERPOL, UNODC and the World Bank. I've advised policymakers, government officials and legislators in several countries on policy issues including anti-corruption and improving governance. I’ve further worked with and advised several civil society organizations on their anti-corruption advocacy particularly in South Africa. I’m currently a member of the World Bank’s highly selectively Africa Fellows program where I work on governance challenges in Southern Africa.  

I have bachelor’s and honor’s degrees in political science and international relations from the University of Pretoria, a master’s degree in governance and political development from the University of Nottingham and a PhD from the University of Sussex. My PhD on the political economy of institutional development examined how political parties misuse their access to the state to maintain their hold on power through corruption and patronage and the consequent effect of this on governance and political stability. My research interests include state-building, the development of political institutions, anti-corruption, the use of technology in governance, and preventing fragility and conflict.  

I’m currently working on a book project examining how political parties in developing countries around the world misuse state resources to maintain power and how this relationship shapes the development of the state.